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structure The Council’s Secretariat is the Executive component, supported by a Development Group of founding sponsors, members and advisers who together help to shape the forward work programme.

The Council has been established in Brussels as a not for profit organisation a.i.s.b.l. (see official registration here) under Belgian law, hosted and supported by Macmillan bvba at Avenue de l'Armée 103, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium.


The Council Secretariat provides a central policy, communications and resource function to co-ordinate and facilitate the activities of all the working groups and is responsible for implementing the actions and Council programme.

Development Group

The Council Secretariat works closely with the Development Group, which is made up of core sponsors. Members of the Development Group chair the different working groups.

Currently, registered Founder Members are:

  • Stemcor UK Ltd, London
  • Santa Impex, Brest
  • Fintec UK Ltd, London
  • Belarus Potash Company, Minsk

Advisory Group

There is also a Council Advisory Group, which is made up of senior and respected academics, analysts, lawyers, economists, diplomats and expert advisers who help to provide expertise and develop policy.

Plenary Sessions

The aim is to hold a plenary session of the Development and Advisory Groups at least once every year in order to agree policies and actions.

Working Groups

The priorities for establishing working groups will be dictated by members needs; indicative groupings might comprise:

  • Employment and Labour issues
  • Internal Market
  • Trade, market defence measures, fiscal and regulatory policy
  • Competition
  • Privatisation
  • Capital markets and finance
  • Environment and tourism
  • Energy and transport