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History, Aims and Fundamental Objectives

The Belarus EU Business Council was established in May 2007, and is an independent CEO-level forum for Belarus and EU business leaders.

The Council has been set up in order to:

  • promote trade development and investment between Belarus and the EU
  • assist companies to develop business opportunities
  • promote dialogue between the Belarus and EU governments with a view to enhancing trade and investment prospects.

Business has an important role to play in helping governments to prioritise issues to be addressed in the development of economic relations between Belarus and the EU. There are market access difficulties and regulatory obstacles to be solved both for Belarusian businesses in the EU and EU businesses in Belarus.

It is therefore a primary aim of the Belarus EU Business Council to promote an open dialogue between the Governments of Belarus and the EU and business, thereby providing business support for the promotion of trade and development.

At  the same time Belarusian businesses produce high quality goods and services and are increasingly developing sales in the EU market. The EU is an important trade partner for Belarus. However Belarusian companies still face market access difficulties and regulatory barriers in Europe. The Belarus EU Business Council aims to assist Belarusian companies to develop their businesses in the EU.

The fundamental objectives of the Council are:

  • To study and analyse market access, regulatory obstacles and market defence measures that are faced both by Belarusian business in the EU and EU businesses in Belarus
  • To develop targeted solutions for EU and Belarusian businesses
  • To provide business support for and input for the promotion of trade and development between Belarus and the EU
  • To promote discussions at various levels between businesses and authorities in Belarus and the EU in order to help solve difficulties for investors in Belarus and Belarusian businesses in the EU.
  • And in particular help EU and Belarus businesses to represent business views and ideas to the European Commission and the European Parliament.