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BEUBC Strategy for 2011

The Council proposes to concentrate on 5 main themes for its work in 2011, and to initiate projects and activities to support these themes.

We invite our core members to align themselves with one or more of the specific themes so that we may credit your support by naming you as a sponsor of the events or activities planned under this heading.

The themes we propose for 2011 are:

  1. Finance and Investment Opportunities
  2. Market Access
  3. Regional co-operation and development
  4. East Invest
  5. Image of Belarus

The activities and sponsorship activities that we currently plan under these broad headings are as follows. These plans will be reviewed quarterly, and the programme of activities rolled forward every three months:

1. Finance and Investment Opportunities

Project: - To raise awareness with Belarusian companies of finance and investment opportunities. (This item is still open to corporate sponsorship)

i) The Council will organise high level information visits to EU capitals for member companies in 2010 to meet with investment banks, stock exchanges, auditors, lawyers, fund managers, investors and other professional advisers for the purpose of identifying opportunities for raising capital for investment, such as public listing through IPO, issuing corporate bonds, direct private equity investment, debt finance for investment projects and working capital.

ii) The Council will hold the Fourth Annual Finance and Investment Conference in Minsk on 20 October. We will also put all our efforts into promoting and helping to organize the Belarusian Investment and Economic Forum in 2011, with the objective of making this Forum a top regional event from the perspective of quality agenda, high level participation of international companies, and the financial and investment structures that are showcased.

iii) It is planned to reach out to international companies active in the Belarus market and intending to invest in Belarus in order to establish a working group that will co-ordinate ideas and contributions and submit concrete proposals to the government bodies in Belarus, with a view to recommending regulatory measures that will be beneficial to the investment climate in Belarus with a view to helping Belarus achieve its strategic objective of becoming one of the top 30 countries in the world’s most attractive destinations for investment.

2. Market Access

Project: - To develop a lobbying platform for business in order to address outstanding issues related to standardization, certification and conformity assessment for industrial products in Belarus to assist in trade and investment growth. (This item is still open to corporate sponsorship)

i) Work on this project will be focused on helping to solve market access difficulties for Belarusian companies wishing to export to the EU, with a view to both lobbying the European Commission and the Council for improved access to the EU for Belarusian produced goods, and providing support for any reforms needed of Belarusian legislation to facilitate export, (e.g. veterinary, phytosanitary procedures and food safety rules).

ii) The Council will assist foreign companies in resolving market access problems encountered when entering Belarusian market. The Council will support and help foreign companies in promotion of their products to Belarusian market by for example establishing joint ventures and subsidiary companies in Belarus.

iii) The Council will organise a programme of quarterly Round Table seminars and training events in Belarus aimed at promoting business to business networking opportunities and the exchange of information on topics of strategic and policy interest to businesses.

3. Regional co-operation and development

Project: - To assist Belarusian cities and regions to take advantage of the opportunities for regional development provided by the EU, and to assist them to develop their regional networks and links. (This item is still open to corporate sponsorship)

i) It is planned to organise profiling events in Benelux for the regions of Belarus in order to raise general awareness of the opportunities available for investment and to help develop partnerships, and also to showcase business developments in Belarus generally. Such important themes as energy efficiency, logistic centres and development of transport systems, environmental protection, waste management and treatment will be emphasised during these events. Specifically, a proposal will be developed to encourage the participation of Belarusian regions in the the Open Days 2011 on 10 – 13 October 2011, which is a very big annual programme organised by the Committee of the Regions in Brussels to promote inter-regional co-operation.

ii) A presentation on the opportunities available for investment in the Belarus market will also be organised in Brussels during Q2 of 2011. Provisionally it is planned to hold this in Scotland House, which is located close to the European Commission, and is the Headquarters of the Scottish Representation and Scottish Enterprise (the regional business promotion agency for Scotland).

4. East Invest

Project: - To develop an effective business platform in order to benefit from the Eastern Partnership Programme (This item is still open to corporate sponsorship)

i) It is planned to develop proposals for business support programmes for Belarusian industries and companies, the Belarusian Chambers of Commerce and other leading employers organisations in Belarus to help them to develop their capacity for compliance with the EU acquis communautaire and to assist Belarusian companies to improve market access for their products, develop their international expansion strategies, and strengthen their investment relations and processes between the EU and Belarus.

ii) Through its membership of the East Invest Consortium led by Eurochambres , as a strategic partner the Council will actively lobby for EU funded business support programmes for Belarusian SMEs, and members of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

iii) To work closely with the BCCI, the EU institutions and the relevant government Ministries to organize the First Eastern Development Forum in Minsk.

5. Image of Belarus

Project: - To undertake activities that will generate a positive image and awareness of Belarus in the EU (This item is still open to corporate sponsorship)

i) It is planned to support new initiatives in this area, to include the organisation of an Art Competition on the theme “Belarus in Europe”, together with the Belarusian Ministry of Culture and NGOs in Belarus dedicated to culture and the arts in Q3 and Q4 of 2011. The goal of the competition is to demonstrate the European identity of Belarusian people.

ii) It is planned to develop a “Friends of Belarus” initiative in the European Parliament, to promote information and awareness about Belarus with Members of the European Parliament, their assistants and interest groups.

iii) It is planned to organise a Fashion show of Belarusian designers to be combined with a live music performance.