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Press Releases

NMI Trade Mission to Belarus of Microchip Companies from Scotland

Press release
10 February 2014, Brussels

The Belarus EU Business Council, NMI, Scotland Development International with the support of the Embassy of Belarus to Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the UK Embassy to Belarus organized a mission of microchip producers and service providers from Scotland to Belarus. The visit took place from 4-7 February 2014.

The delegation comprised top management of the following companies: Enterprise Q Ltd, Compugraphics International Lt, Tetreon Technologies Ltd, Retronix, RF Global Solutions Limited, Eltech JSC (representing Logitech), S.P.S.Vertriebs GmbH, TRYMAX SEMICONDUCTOR, VTS (representing 40:30), MULTI-LAB QUARTZTEC LTD, Lynbond 2000 Ltd, Logos Logistics Limited, MFG Vision Limited.

The delegates met with the directors and chief engineers of Planar Corporation and “Integral” JSC with the following goals:

  • Research and placement of orders for design of integrated microcircuits and semiconductor devices;
  • Discussing possible delivery formats of Belarusian products to European markets through companies in Great Britain;
  • Search of ways for mutually advantageous cooperation in the sphere of photomask production;
  • Finding ways of cooperation in servicing the equipment and delivering spare parts and materials;
  • Setting up seminars and presentation of Belarusian products to electronics companies in the UK;
  • Exploring possibilities for mutual cooperation between GB and Belarusian companies in analytical and scientific projects.

Ahead of Vilnius Summit: Experts Question Signing of Association Agreement

Press release
9 July 2013, Vilnius

Just as Lithuania has taken over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union and ahead of the Eastern Partnership Summit scheduled for November in Vilnius, yesterday’s conference entitled ‘’European Neighborhood Policy- Eastern Dimension: Progress and Benefits’’ taking place in the capital itself, aimed to address and analyze many of the areas of difficulty of the six Eastern Neighborhood countries.

Hosted by the EU- Belarus Business Council and chaired by the former Minister for Europe, Denis Macshane, much of the discussion centered on what priorities still needed to be put in place and raised several questions specifically in regards to the impact of the signature of the agreements may have on the EU and the countries involved, focusing on Moldova and Ukraine given the extensive challenges they face alongside the scale of problems.