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Minsk School of Fashion: Best Collections from Mill of Fashion Competition

The Video above, filmed by Beltelradio (National State Teleradio company of the Republic of Belarus) and who kindly gave us permission to post it on our website, shows the Minsk school of fashion of Sasha Varlamov displaying the best collections from the national fashion competition “Melniza Modi” (Mill of Fashion). This competition takes place every year and is designed to show the works of the designers to the broader public, as well as to challenge the designers and their creativity and to help them develop what is called a “Belarusian Style”.

The networking event “Presentation of the Opportunities of the Belarusian Economy” took place on 1 December 2010 in the prestigious Château Sainte Anne in Brussels and was organised by the BEUBC

The welcoming speeches were done by the Deputy Head of the Mission of Belarus to the European Union Yury Ambrazevich and BEUBC Director James Wilson.